Before we Meet

piano, flowers, and music image

There was a review on an orchestra that premiered
halfway                             across the world yesterday.
They called it “rhythmic”, “dynamic”, “melodic”.

Unlike the effortless materialization of imagery
my mind simply could not envision the auditory
beauty of music halfway               across the world.

Much like how it is impossible for me to imagine
the bass undertones cheeky trumpets sneaky triangles
that could perhaps make up the timbre of your tone.

I wonder what sort of orchestra you would present.
Classic? Romantic? Contemporary?
Could you; captivate me?


sigh my work is so rusty I can taste the iron
(can’t wait till post-As!) ❤


light, glitter, and neon image

Stay alive.

Hold on too tightly to allusive
dreams and elusive lovers.

Catch the moon
Collect the clouds
Categorize the stars.

Pavements that trip
you up
will let your knees
shed light.

Lose plight,
take flight.

You are meant to
bleed heartaches
and headaches.

You are meant to be
torn tattered akin to
ripped jeans distressed

For you
are alive.


eyes, girl, and indie image

I promise you:

that this stunning choker
will never let you choke on your words
it will lend you an endless supply of c-c-courage.

that these rugged combat boots
will bring you into battles; Mulan of any ethnicity
you will be brave, bold and beautiful– and brilliant at escape.

such cropped tops, ripped jeans
will show your poor soul that has been through too much
display your scars; lovely warrior- I want your currency to spare.

I promise you too much.
I promise you too little.
I promise you ideals that are really very brittle.

Just tap your **** with loads of zeal
I wonder how you’d feel when you get that bill.


Define Relationship

art, flowers, and grunge image

Less than suffocation
Less than lacking existence
Less than the loss of being one
entity without her.

No, love is not about rosy poetry
sympathetic backgrounds or
appearing metaphors.

It is only about intimacy.
It is only about familiarity.

Finding comfort in the taste of her
lips tongue skin
Finding faith in friction between
lips pinkies eyes

Yes, love is about knowing some
one so well you feel as if
you have nothing left to learn.

It just, is.


Room of Cosmic Walls

galaxy, paint, and wall image

There was a room. Much like any other room; it had four walls, a ceiling and a floor.

What made it special was the girl living inside of it, who breathed snowflakes that hung frozen mid-air, spinning. She weaved carpets that were made of clouds and cool air, and played the soundtracks of light summer showers, with singing crickets.

She was a very plain person. With skin of soft clay, hair of black wool, eyes of coal diamonds, and lips of red strawberries. But she painted her walls with the sparkle of the cosmic skies, and in doing that, though wondrous, made her feel so very small.

Small; much like a loose rock in the galaxy.

She floated in her room that no longer had any walls, ceiling or floors. Weightless, restless, zealous — the vastness of the galaxy overwhelmed her. Where would she: human clay, wool, coal, fruit be?

In fact, she was nothing. Nothing important.
Small; much like a loose rock in the galaxy.

At the very least, she was not a rock stuck in a room.


Cyborg I

grunge, veins, and eye image

reinventing yourself
version 12.0 , 13.2 , 14.3.1
layering upon new software upon
upon what you used to be
and like any overloaded system
you lag / you lack
you start to wonder
who you really are or
if you’re spending your entire life
trying to live up to an image
you created
(and keep updating)
for your self.





[command cancelled]

for unlike artificial intelligence,
you get confused, and frequently short your circuits
but you also get the consciousness the choice the courage
to fix / to find



we’ve been selling love a long time ago

love, pink, and grunge image

too expensive to fall in love
which is why i don’t

high-end cafes exotic cappuccinos
lick the 8 dollar froth off her upper lip
romantic or savoring every bit of
expensive taste

let’s maximize profit
get married

this wedding ring might not be the right cut
carat for you but at least you look the part
the right white gown for scarlet green notes
now we are entitled to our own flat

at least
a flat love garners returns

too expensive to fall in love
but if we pretend long enough

we can live high above
out of love.